What can we learn from Mexico, Adriana David?

In the second part of the interview with Adriana David I ask her "what can we learn from Mexico?". Adriana talks about her personal learning experience in Mexico. She takes each task in a new location as an opportunity to deal intensively with the place. In order to understand the place, it is essential, in addition to research, to talk to the local people, be it a fisherman or an architect. She talks to the people until she gathers as much information as possible to create an adequate project in this location. She describes the learning of the long-established as a valuable learning experience.

A second project, that went through her mind thinking about my question, is called „Limbo“. In dialogue with the client, an NGO, it turned out that instead of the initial idea of a building, an installation in public space seemed more accessible and more suitable for the content of the message. With the project, the NGO and the architect want to draw attention to the seed shortage and the associated significance for the food of our future. It is somehow a learning experience for everyone. Since 2015, „Limbo“ is a traveling exhibition and travels all over Mexico.

«it is very important to talk to the locals who have been living there for a while» «I am not talking about creating vernacular architecture. I think you have to modernize it» «People can experience and discover this big diversity of food that we have in Mexico»

Project LIMBO © Adriana David

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