The guardian sculptures of Barragán and Goeritz

They are standing in the middle of a kind of immense traffic island: the guards of North Mexico City. Five towers in the colors yellow, white, blue and red seem to soar on an elevation and are passed by hundreds of cars every day. The triangular, urban sculptures point with their head south towards the city center of Mexico City. The strong colors are recognizable from a great distance and represent an important point of orientation in the region. Depending on the viewing angle, the towers, which are between thirty and fifty meters high, change their appearance. Sometimes they look narrow and high, sometimes deep and wide. Close up, the horizontal traces of the formwork stages enhance the visual impression of the height.

It would be interesting to see how the originally seven towers designed by Luis Barragán and Mathias Goeritz would have stood on the hill of Periférico Norte. A budget cut forced them to focus on five structures. A disagreement over the color of the towers eventually led to a bitter dispute between Barragán and Goeritz.

Satellite Town Towers Architect: Luis Barragán in collaboration with Mathias Goeritz Year: 1957 Place: Autopista a Querétaro, Mexico City

Source of the last two pictures: Works, Luis Barragán, 1902-1988 published by Junta de Andalucia, Sevilla 1995

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