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Translation of my first article published on the 26.07.2019: (original language is german)

The project «Learning from Mexico» was born out of curiosity. During a coffee break in the office in Zurich I leafed through the Swiss magazine werk, bauen + wohnen. An article about young Mexican architects caught my eye. The desire for enquiring was awakened and created a lasting enthusiasm. What I read about Mexican architects and their way of working meant that I quit my job and booked a flight to Mexico City a little later.

My name is Laure Nashed. I am a young, very interested, open minded architect that is eager to learn. «Learning from Mexico» is a platform in which I can share my experiences, insights, research and observations. werk, bauen + wohnen accompanies me on my journey of discovery and learning in search of an inspiring, authentic and experimental architecture that is fully intended for the people. An important part of my blog project are discussions that I have with architects, city planners and designers. My interlocutors help me to understand what we can learn from Mexico. The first conversation will take place with the duo of Derek Dellekamp and his Swiss office partner Jachen Schleich from the successful office Dellekamp Schleich based in Mexico City. The protagonist of their architecture is always the structure that can not be cut from the budget. In the conversation, they show how they personally deal with the often chaotic conditions in Mexico.

Since March 2019 I now live in Mexico. I had applied in Switzerland in the architectural office of Tatiana Bilbao and they offered me a job. After arriving in Mexico City, I was at first overwhelmed by this immense city. Without speaking the language of the country, I explored the capital and the historic south of Mexico. However, the plan to start my job at Tatiana Bilbao in the beginning of May failed because of the hurdles of the visa procedure, the application for a work permit has been waiting for an answer for four months now. However, I have not regretted my step into the unknown. The friendliness, helpfulness and openness of my Mexican friends is as overwhelming as the cultural and architectural treasures of this country. The architecture scene in Mexico City has become one of the most important in Latin America over the last decade. The architects eagerly produce high-quality architecture despite sometimes difficult conditions. Hoping to inspire people with my discovery project! I wish the readers and listeners much enjoyment.


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Note: In the architectural sense, I was influenced by my training facilities and my internships. As a 13 year old I fell in love with architecture during a first internship at the village architect. It was only many years later that I was to hold a Bachelor's degree from the Accademia di Architettura Mendrisio and a Master's degree from the ETH Zurich. On the way to completing my studies, I spent time in various architectural offices and publishers of architectural magazines in Liestal and Zurich. Prior to my studies I attended the preliminary course at the School of Design in Basel. After my studies I worked for about 2 years in a young architectural office on a 200m long cooperative building in the middle of Zurich.

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