Jardin Etnobotanico in Oaxaca

The botanical garden is a magical place in Oaxaca. In the former monastery garden, plants from the entire state of Oaxaca were planted in the 1990s. Besides the impressive monastery building made of greenish sandstone, which today houses the city's cultural museum, another building made a big impression. An elegant glass pavilion designed by the Mexican architect Francisco Gonzalez-Pulido (FGP Atelier, Chicago) integrates surprisingly well into the historic complex despite its reflective surface. The interplay between glass, metal, the red floor, the green of the plants and the historic sandstone wall is both extraordinarily harmonious and exciting. Depending on the light, the pavilion either blends in with its surroundings or, in turn, looks like a shiny cube amidst history and nature. The magazine Domus shows a photo series as well as some plans of the project by FGP Atelier.

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