A must-see conversation

Just in time for my start of work, a conversation between Tatiana Bilbao and Jacques Herzog was published on the Louisiana Channel website.

In a friendly conversation, the architects talk about the origin of Tatiana's collaborative approach, about her architectural attitude in today's context, and about two of her most important projects: the botanical garden in Culiacán and the aquarium in Mazatlan. Finally, Jacques Herzog leads the discussion on the topic of social housing in Mexico.

Tatiana Bilbao wants to make a difference in her country. She deals strategically with the problems of her country and is committed to "beautiful" social housing construction. She talks about the fact that everyone should have the right to a «beautiful» place to live, because «all of us need beauty to evolve».

It is also remarkable how she questions her own work and regards the botanical garden project as a learning process. Tatiana has been working on the project in Culiacán for 15 years. The garden is constantly being enriched with new small buildings whose design merges with the new experiences of Tatiana Bilbao Estudio.

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