A conversation with Adriana David

Adriana David is a stunning young architect. She studied architecture at the Universidad Iberoamericana in Mexico City and then scenography in Madrid. Immediately after completing her studies, she started her own spatial design studio called DOMA and has since worked in a wide range of urban planning, architecture, scenography and lighting design. As she tells in conversation, her point of view is characterized by her second passion, dancing.

About a month ago I saw the play "Memoria in corporada" staged and performed by her. Despite my poor Spanish knowledge, the piece tore me along. The translated "embodied memory" was developed into a play together with the dancer Casilda Madrazo. A letter from Casilda describes the spatial experience of her house, which Adriana interpreted spatially. With very few objects on stage, the voice of Adriana, the movements of the dancer Casilda and the instrumental accompaniment of the clarinetist, they managed to transfer a physical tension and relaxation to the audience. At the end of the blog post, the recording of the play is linked.

«to force us to think about what are the elements that really mean something to us» «I’ve asked the clients to describe their houses. So they describe their actual house and they describe the dream house that they want me to build» «for us it was a matter of understanding what the basics are for you to feel at home»

1. Adriana David 2. rehearsal room in the theatre 3.-4. play "Memoria in corporada" in collaboration with the dancer Casilda Madrazo 5. visualisation of the "embodied memory" 6. apartment reconstruction in Merida 7. Casa Solar in Merida © Adriana David

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